You have been hired as a consultant to a small size manufacturing company, ACME Widgets. The company makes household furniture and sells it to various local retailers. Your assignment is to help the company start selling their furniture over the internet. ACME Widgets has several requirements and is looking for a simple solution that will allow it to:

  • post inventory online
  • sell products
  • track shipments & customers
  • provide customer marketing opportunities

You believe that a cloud-based solution is the best way for the company to meet its objectives. In order to convince the company management, you will need to research the available cloud-based applications. Before making your recommendations, be sure to compare a cloud-based software option to ACME Widgets using similar software and installing it locally.

Your proposed solution must include a specific cloud-based application(s) that will address ACME Widgets business requirements.

Make sure to support your statements and conclusions with valid research. External references are required (in addition to the textbook). Post the URLs to the sources used in your research.

Your post should be a minimum of 150 words 


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