Case Study – Organizational Leadership & Management

Due by 2/22/19 8pm central time

In your essay be sure to explicitly rely on management principles, concepts and 

theories from all the management courses to organize your response.   Be sure to read it carefully, then based on your experiences and your reading, provide your assessment and recommendations.  

Baker has been assigned to research the literature for a possible solution to a major operational problem at his employer. Baker spends many weeks searching the literature and finds a common solution theme for similar problems at various companies in various industries. Baker is somewhat dubious that the commonly reported solution would actually work at his employer. He has been thinking, and has a thought about a different solution that has never been tried before. He must report to the Board of Directors in three days. They are a no-nonsense Board and they expect results. The operational problem must be solved. What should Baker do? 

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  • Due: 22/02/2019
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