identify the physics concept depicted in a movie

The Movie is called: Interstellar

Find a scene in a movie which has some physics similar to what we have been discussing in class. Identify the physics concept depicted in a movie, perform a measurement of a physical parameter relating to that concept as displayed in the movie, and make a statement about whether the physics depicted is realistic or unrealistic. 10 points – Topic pre-approval was completed prior to the approval deadline. 10 points – References are cited in a Bibliography. Include a reference showing the movie clip. If you have to access it through Netflix, etc. Include an explanation of how to access it. 20 points – A connection is made between the measurements and the physics concept. 20 points – The physics concept was accurately described. 20 points – The measurements are performed in a scientific manner. 20 points – The conclusion is accurately drawn from the measured data. As with before, I did not assign an expensive textbook ($175) for this course, so if there are supplies you need to purchase, you are expected to do so. Citations: All projects must include a list of references used. In addition, do not include references you did not use just to make the reference list longer (it’s usually painfully obvious and is also an academic integrity violation). APA format is a good way to cite. Must include references from legitimate sources. Include author, title, publisher, date published, or date accessed. Make sure you acknowledge and pictures/images you use as well.


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