Unit V Worker's Compensation journal

Based on the readings in the textbook, the advertisements on the internet and your own views of the television commercials that are very common in America, discuss your perspective on the contingency attorneys who are commonly seen advertising during daytime television. You will hear these attorneys advertising such as “one call… that’s all…” or “Have you been injured at work? Let Attorney X get you the cash and benefits you deserve…” If you or a family member were hurt at work, would you immediately hire one of these attorneys, or would you wait for the due process to work? In these commercials on television or the internet, do you believe these attorneys lack integrity or ethical considerations? Why, or why not?

Write your unit journal entry as if you were trying to advise a friend on contacting the attorney or not contacting the attorney. Try to make a convincing case based on what you have seen and what your perception is; imagine it is a temporary partial disability such as losing a finger or toe but not a thumb.

Your journal entry must be at least 200 words. No references or citations are necessary.


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